Some projects I’ve built with the Raspberry Pi

Magic Mirror

I’m using this as an Intranet linked to a couple of Google calendars. Never get bin day wrong again!  LIVE, running now.



Pi Radio

I built this on a Pi ZeroW at first, and later converted it to a Pi3. The Pi ZeroW worked perfectly well, but when the HDMI failed on a Pi3, I thought this was a great use for it. The IQ Audio DAC is an excellent addition. Currently house in a small cardboard box.  This project is LIVE and ready to go.

Pi Cam The Pi can be enhanced with its own camera, but that’s incompatible with motion.conf, so I’m using a USB webcam. LIVE, running now.

ISS Above   Brilliant! Paid-for ISO image that tracks the ISS. Even better  with the addition of the Pimoroni PiGlow. Not always on, but quickly setup when wanted.

AIY   Built from the free kit supplied with the Mag Pi magazine #57 Designed for Pi3, I swapped it for a Pi ZeroW. LIVE, running now.

Mote:  4 x 16 RGB LED sticks and a host controller. Found instructions to add a FLASK server for GUI control. LIVE Running now

Blinkt!:  This is being used on a Pi ZeroW, to add rainbow LED patterns below our TV.  Controlled on a wireless remote mains socket, the python script runs at boot. LIVE, running now.

3D Christmas Tree:   Supplied as a kit, this needed a bit of soldering and assembly. Some parts missing, quickly re-supplied by The Pi Hut. Controlled on a wireless remote mains socket, the python script runs at boot. (In storage until December. Obvs…)

Retro Pie Gaming! A Pi3 running as many early console games as you can shake a (joy)stick at. I’ve never been much of a gamer, but this is popular project so I gave it a go. Picked up a cheap controller from Maplin, burned the Retro Pie image to an SD card, installed some games ROMs, and off we go! You can even build yourself a fantastic Pimoroni desktop arcade console.

Door and temperature logging.  An old Pi2, probably doing far too much work in an hostile environment. Kept in the garage, it monitors the garage and outside temperatures, and the garage door opening and closing. Through LAMP, it’s recording all this data to a MySQL database. And thanks to someone on a forum somewhere, this is fed to the Magic Mirror project described above. lots of spurious door opening records which I can’t yet figure out how or why they are happening. LIVE, running now.

LED Chaser  Just a bit of fun on a old Pi Zero, 15 LEDs in a short lump of conduit, doing various pretty sequences. Used only occasionally for testing.