…..it seemed like a good idea, at the time!


Roof space insulation.

Having previously, many years ago, added 200mm of insulation to the loft floor, and added stilts and boarding to half the loft, I decided to do the underside of the roof.

February 2017: Off to Screwfix for two huge rolls of tinfoil bubblewrap, a big box of staples, and a roll of aluminium tape. Make good progress with two full lengths done and most of the top ridge in-fill pieces too.  Curse you truss roof timbers, always in the way! Retire for the year to collect daylight and vitamin D.

January 2018: Another two long runs quickly up, and almost a third, but run out of tape. Screwfix! Why don’t you sell it any more?! Off to Wickes.

February 2018: Back again with more tape, but quickly retire as it’s just too cold in the loft. Everything I touch is cold, cold, cold…


Archiving CDs

January 2018: Decided I didn’t need 100’s of CDs taking up shelf space. Worked my way through each and every one of them, to check they’re ripped at a respectable bit-rate to my NAS. Those that aren’t, get ripped as required. CDs and inserts then stripped from the jewel cases and stored in a case I bought on Amazon. There’s that many, I need another one. And if anyone wants any empty CD Jewel cases, I have loads of them….


Rainfall – Rainfall Graph