Node Zero

What is Node Zero?

Node Zero is in the cupboard under the stairs. It is where all the computer, TV, SKY+ Freesat and DAB radio cabling all begin and end for distribution around the home.

ADSL upgrade to FTTC
CAT5e from master socket to Node Zero.

I chose red cable so that it can always be identified.

Incoming Cables

Cables to/from garage

No other CAT5e in the house is red, the others are all grey.
Of the red CAT5e, one pair carry voice. At the patch panel, always use pins 4+5. I chose to use ports 21,22, and 23 for voice, so these three are daisy-chained together.
A second pair from the red CAT5e carry data, again using pins 4+5. I chose to use patch panel port 24 for data.

All others pairs in the red CAT5 are redundant.


Voice and data at the patch panel